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Winter posted Sharepoint

Does anyone have any expertise in this as we are about to move over to this for our intranet and are already using it for our external website.

Paul Matthews: Yes plenty!
Pablo Fernicola: would be happy to chat about it as well
Winter: thanks I'll be in touch, you can contact me via my email: any advice would be very welcome. Joelle

Thu, Dec 4 at 7:13AM (3 comments)

I met up with Brad Hinton between sessions, and he gave gave me a quick interview on my portable videobooth (more about Videoboo here). We had read each other's blogs, but not met before. These chance encounters are another delight of OnlineInfo. One of Brad's interests is the scope for collaboration over distance now available for dispersed teams

Wed, Dec 3 at 7:30AM (0 comments)

I caught up with Ewan McIntosh just after he had facilitated a session, and asked for a recap together some take away thoughts. He said first, you can't just build "your place" and expect people to come to you - you have to go where they are online. And then you have to make the experience fun and entertaining. Earlier Ewan had blogged a great summary Clay Shirky's keynote.

Wed, Dec 3 at 6:38AM (0 comments)

As I reported here, at the start of Online Information 2008 Ed Mitchell and Emma Wallace invited people arriving to write post-it notes about topics they wanted to discuss, then grouped them, and organised table discussions. At the end of the first day I caught up with Ed and Emma for review of how it went.

Wed, Dec 3 at 6:28AM (0 comments)

Steve Dale specialises in Communities of Practice, and was planning a session at Online Information 2008. Unfortunately timetabling problems meant he had to leave - but not before I invited him to use our videobooth to record some insights from his work. Earlier Clay Shirky has emphasised the importance of telling stories of what hadn't worked. Steve was able to come up with one - and the lessons he drew from it.

Steve Dale: Where's the video gone??
David Wilcox: Sorry Steve, don't know what happened. Re-done the code from YouTube. Any further problems it is at
Steve Dale: Thanks David - not looking for fame or anything, just wanted to recap on what I said :-)

Wed, Dec 3 at 3:06AM (3 comments)

Steve Dale left a note for adam baker

Would be interested in chatting about Google. Not at on Online Info on Wed, but will be there all day Thursday. Will look out for you.


Wed, Dec 3 at 2:59AM

After a terrific opening keynote at Online Information 2008, I asked Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, about how the behaviours we are learning online about sharing, collaborating and acting collectively are now playing out offline. I'll have that video soon. I also asked about his recommendation that anyone investing in exploration of new opportunities should do that in small piece. What would be the best way to investigate how commu... [read more]

Steve Dale: Well done in grabbing some air time from Clay Shirky. I think he's spot on regarding the storytelling approach, which is a far more engaging way of learning than the traditional knowledge repositories of best practice, good practice and case studies.... [read more]

Wed, Dec 3 at 1:58AM (1 comment)

Liane Bradbrook posted Wiki projects

anyone want to get together, talk & share knowledge? I'd like to find other mediawiki users. I've got a few questions & a boss who'd like ref sites to see how others appropached this.

Ed MItchell: have a look at the wikipatterns pages:

Wed, Dec 3 at 1:04AM (1 comment)

Paul Matthews left a note for Liane Bradbrook


I am in charge of UWE's library in info management programme. Would be good to have a chat sometime on Wednesday about possible collaboration


Tue, Dec 2 at 1:33PM

Winter posted Visual Basic

I am struggling to fix some code written by someone else, it is integrated into our content management system via excel into access but was mid development when our developer left and we haven't got another expert to replace them yet. I am trying to figure it out and have made some progress.

Tue, Dec 2 at 11:03AM (0 comments)

David Wilcox posted Tagging for table discussions

As Emma Wallace says here table have been organised around different topicds. Earlier I talked to Emma and Ed as they were setting up the boards and post-it notes to manage this. I then went over to a table to see if it worked. Update: here's Ed and Emma's lessons learned at the end of the day

Emma Wallace: Interesting social experiment from my perspective - I was sitting at the back near two tables - the Taxonomy, Ontology, Folksonomy group and the culture, power and change group. Small groups did form around the tables and did start to discuss the tag... [read more]

Tue, Dec 2 at 8:20AM (1 comment)

For those who want to meet and chat with others on common themes from Day One, tables have been set up in the coffee area of the conference centre. Table 1 - Culture, Power and Change Table 2 - Knowledge Communities Table 3 - Tools Table 4 - Identity, Access and Security Table 5 - Social Networks, Web2.0 and UGC Table 6 - Search Table 7 - Information Management Table 8 - Research Table 9 - Learning, Teaching and Education Table 10 - Taxonomy and ... [read more]

Tue, Dec 2 at 7:26AM (0 comments)

I've been asked to step in for Jeremy Gould on this panel. I'm in the august company of: Simon Revell, Pfizer Salvatore Reina, PwC Ewan McIntosh, Channel 4 The session is chaired by Euan Semple Panellists are asked to share experiences of how they have energised web 2.0 initiatives in their organisations and what challenges they currently face. I hope everyone will give me an easy time. I became aware that I was doing this late yesterday afternoo... [read more]

Liane Bradbrook: Useful encouragement for all of us following this path. with next to no budget, no champions beyond ourselves, an opportunity, a knowledge gap & word of mouth.

Tue, Dec 2 at 4:42AM (1 comment)

Hi all - is anyone else interested in how to use short video interviews and blog items to capture content at events, and also add to the conversational buzz? I'll be doing that with my colleague Ed Mitchell and other volunteers, making up a social reporter team. However, in this world of user generated content we are hoping that anyone else interested will join in. Nearer the day we'll be posting ideas on how to do that, but for the moment here's... [read more]

Liane Bradbrook: This is the first year i've brought a laptop with me - & its already proved useful to look more closely at search engines & sites talked about in Chris Shermans workshop. Whats different about being at online with a Laptop? position in the room - pre... [read more]
David Wilcox: Thanks Liane - we'll have spare video cameras if you or anyone would like to do some interviews. And a couple of portable videobooths ... See you tomorrow

Mon, Dec 1 at 3:04PM (2 comments)

A little place for those who use Twitter to find others at Online Information this year

Mon, Dec 1 at 10:46AM (0 comments)

Emma Wallace left a note for Ewan McIntosh

Hi Ewan - be good to meet up this time round! I'm facilitating with Ed and David - pop round and say hello? :-)

Mon, Dec 1 at 10:40AM

Looking forward to running a seminar at this year's conference. It's on reputation and how you can ensure people come to you first when they need what you do. It's about maintaining and building on your good name. It's about crafting the right messages online and offline to create a compelling reason why the right people should connect with you. If there are any questions you'd like answering in my session, let me know and we'll see if we can cov... [read more]

Mon, Dec 1 at 8:49AM (0 comments)

Hi, I am preparing a paper on knowledge transfer in the context of risk management and I would very much appreciate any feedback on knowledge transfer and its relationship with risk management activities. I have already collected interested information, and have developed some thoughts on this topic, but I do believe that feedback from knowledgeable and experienced people is always useful. I welcome any kind of feedback (comments, references to p... [read more]

Liane Bradbrook: i'd be interested in seeing your finished paper - i'm interested in Knowledge Harvesting and have been working to develop a programme to mitigate knowledge loss in my organisation where we have an aging/retiring senior/expert staff.

Mon, Dec 1 at 5:42AM (1 comment)

Kate Macbeth posted Online Information Asia

Hi all. We are researching taking Online Information to Asia. Good idea? Bad idea? What country we should hold it? What time of year? Particular associations, magazines, speakers, topics? Want to get involved? All discussion points eagerly welcome! Thanks Kate

Mon, Nov 24 at 7:33AM (0 comments)

Alastair Creelman posted Teaching in virtual worlds

I'll be presenting our experiences of running university courses in the virtual world of Second Life. On Wednesday at 15.00 I'll "share the stage" with my colleagues from the University of Kalmar in Sweden, Alexandra Petrakou and David Richardson, who will be appearing via Second Life from our virtual island, Kamimo Island. We'll be describing how we've run two courses (English for presentations) completely in SL, what lessons we've learned from ... [read more]

Fri, Nov 21 at 6:27AM (0 comments)

For those who may have missed it in the Online Info Brochure, I will be doing a brief session on Thursday 4th December, 13.45 - 14.15 in Theatre A on Communities of Practice, and specifically how Web 2.0 technologies and processes have been used to support the development of virtual CoPs across the local government sector. The initiative was formally launched in December 2007, since which over 580 CoPs and more than 20,000 registered users are ac... [read more]

Tue, Nov 18 at 12:07AM (0 comments)

I've been asked to say a few words about what I will be talking about at Online Information. I'm part of a panel session on the first morning called Innovators under the spotlight - who stayed the distance? I try not to plan for sessions like this but instead rely on interaction with other members of the panel to drive the discussion (brav?e, or foolhardy? Probably both). My background is that I am a civil servant trying to push social media adop... [read more]

Mon, Nov 17 at 7:49AM (0 comments)

Hi all, good to see you here and hope you enjoy yourselves. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Incisive team or David or I. Some of the things that David and I, Emma and co will be up to at Online to support all our online networking include: 1. 'Crowdvine Catchup' sessions to help everyone find the people they want to meet face to face having found them on this platform 2. A 'Topic Wall' which will reflect the topics... [read more]

Steve Dale: Hi Ed, you mentioned in a tweet a while back about the Crowdvine experimenr? Have I stumbled across it here?? :-)
Ed MItchell: Hi Steve - yes you have! Hope you enjoy it :-)

Sun, Nov 16 at 10:03AM (2 comments)

I'm convinced that now is a good time for information professionals to demonstrate their value to organisations by taking charge of ensuring that knowledge is mapped and transfered as people come and go. I've found that libraries are conduits of information between teams, and are best placed to make connections between people and information to inform decision making in new circumstances. I'm always optimistic about the importance of information ... [read more]

Sat, Nov 15 at 2:21PM (0 comments)

Trying to get the hang of Crowdvine and not finding it very easy. Too accustomed to Twitter and Facebook perhaps. Is there an RSS feed for the discussion area? I am not going to log on several times a day on the off chance that something is happening here.

Ed MItchell: Hi Karen, if you click on 'discussions' in the green bar you will be taken to the 'all discussions' page. At the top right of the list of discussions you will see the RSS feed sign, to which you can subscribe. If you have any other technical queries,... [read more]

Mon, Nov 10 at 2:17AM (1 comment)

We've set up this network to help facilitate better networking for speakers and attendees around Online Information 2008. We hope you find this useful - although with all such initiatives you will only get out of it what you are prepared to put in. Please complete a detailed profile and start making connections with fellow attendees and speakers you want to meet. See you at the conference!

Karen Blakeman: I am totally lost! Cannot fathom how this is supposed to work. I am off back to Facebook and Twitter for the time being. Maybe need a few G&T's to get the brain thinking laterally on this.
Ed MItchell: Hi Karen, sorry to hear it - I have written up some suggestions on this post: hope they help :)
Karen Blakeman: Yes - I've done all of that. and I have finally worked out how to add people to me network, I think. But the feeds aren't updated and I am not sure where one starts a discussion. There seem to be bits and pieces everywhere.

Fri, Nov 7 at 11:58PM (3 comments)

Lyndsay Rees-Jones left a note for Ed MItchell

Nice one Ed - and thanks for the step-by-step guide to getting going.

I hope that this really takes off as it could be a great addition to the Online 'experience'.

Fri, Nov 7 at 7:22AM

Lyndsay Rees-Jones left a note for lorna

Good luck with the initiative Lorna - it's a great idea and I hope it really takes off.

Fri, Nov 7 at 7:18AM

Ed MItchell posted Advice for using Crowdvine

Hi and welcome to Crowdvine, This is the first chapter in the networking support for Online Information 2008. It will carry over to the event itself as well, so all your networking here will be useful when we are together in Olympia... Getting up to speed will take you less than five minutes. We are sure that you will enjoy it and find it useful, both for the event and in other parts of your working life. Here are a few pointers which we hope wil... [read more]

Fri, Nov 7 at 3:30AM (0 comments)